My Red Light is a window brothel situated in the Amsterdam red light district developed and run by sex workers themselves. 

We have created the best and safest workplace in the market. Profits made by renting out rooms will be directly invested in projects to enhance the social position of sex workers. We do this for example by organizing workshops about health or entrepreneurial skills open for all sex workers

What’s new

Sex workers have the possibility to create their own profile on our website. Through our gallery it’s possible to establish direct contact between a sex worker and a client to make an appointment. The rooms and suites are exceptionally beautiful  and spacious. They range from basic to very luxurious. All potential customers have been taken into consideration  and we for example provide a room for disabled persons and a kinky room.

Every independent sex worker who offers her/his services at My Red Light can influence renting conditions and working circumstances. My Red Light is open for all sex workers:  female, male or transgender. We are a community of and for sex workers and we are we are proud of that!


In the nineties, sex workers in the Red Light District have voiced their wish to start a business that they themselves would be managing. In June of 2013, the Amsterdam City Council passed the motion Van Doorninck to assign the municipality’s Executive Board with the task of investigating whether a window prostitution business founded and managed by sex workers could become successful. At the end of 2015, they presented their positive findings and the actual project started. Sex workers from various lines of business and backgrounds worked together to set up the company.

Right now, we are making history as the first Dutch sex workers collective; a group of sex workers who will be renting out rooms together, and independently. We will open May 15 2017!