hi all, a new volunteer, Jude, has just started at My Red Light to develop this part of the website for us: a FAQ about sex work! Our general FAQ (https://www.myredlight.nl/faq) answers questions about My Red Light. However, the FAQ that we will present here is about everything you ever wanted to ask a sex worker!  One of the main goals of My Red Light is to help people better understand sex work and sex workers, because we believe that will help to reduce the stigma and taboo that surround sex work and the discrimination that sex workers face every day. We also hope that by helping policymakers better understand sex workers, we can contribute to the development of policies on sex work that better address sex workers' needs!  Jude will be developing a set of questions over the next weeks and we will jointly - everyone in My Red Light - try to answer those. You can already send us your questions if you have any that you would like to see answered (and you can keep doing so in the future!). Please email us at info@myredlight.nl to help us make this page as insightful as possible!