Different bodies, same needs….

As an experienced sex worker I’ve seen a lot of interesting people in my life. But some of the most special and rewarding clients that I’ve met were either physically or mentally challenged.

Let me tell you a little story about one of them.

Because I’ve worked as an escort most of the time a lot of my clients contacted me through email or by phone. On a summer day back in 2014 I got an e-mail, saying that the person would like to book in a date at his hotel when he would come to Amsterdam the next week. But before making any agreements there were some difficulties that we had to sort out and he was wondering if I would be able to provide services to a disabled person. The client had a rare muscular disease which made him paralyzed for the most part of his body.

Because he contacted me in advance and was open and honest about it, I told him that I appreciated this and I would have no problem coming to see him.

The following week I made my way down to his hotel, met him in the lobby and already saw a radiantly smiling face because I was there. He then later told me that he had been trying to get an experience with a girl like me (I am a transgender woman) but most of the times he would get rejected or didn’t even get a response back. After reading my profile and reviews of me, he dared to try again so he was really happy that I was there. We got to the room, cuddled and made out, I undressed and then waited in the bathroom so someone could come in the room, take his clothes off and lay him in bed. Then after the other person was gone I could come back and we did our thing. He gave me directions here and there, I followed them precisely and we had a very successful session.

The biggest reward was seeing a person that couldn’t do much about his disability just be happy and feel treated like any other person. They have the same wants and needs as any of us.

A question I get a lot when I have these types of clients is if I charge more or if I would give them a discount. The answer is simple. No I don’t.

I have always worked with set rates for everyone and wouldn’t change that just because someone is “different”. Because when you really look at it, we’re all different in any shape, way or form.

I treat everyone just as equally, so no upcharging or a discount. After all I’m still providing the same services.

Fun fact; did you know that here at My Red Light we have a special room for disabled people? It has a large easy-to-access entrance for wheelchairs, a special toilet and shower room. For those with special needs who want to visit a girl on the red light district, we will have a room available to cater to your needs!

Untill next time!

XOXO’s Sunny, Beheerder at My Red Light, 7 September 2019

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