We will stand strong together. These are our plans to improve the social status of sex workers:


With regards to renting out the rooms, we have come up with a management that is based on the experience of sex workers. At My Red Light, the sex workers have a say in the nature of their working conditions, corporate environment and rental terms.

Social status

My Red Light wants to contribute to the destigmatization of sex work. As a sex workers collective, we are able to manage a lot of practical issues, such as Bread Fund or receiving access to business services in a much simpler way.

Emancipation and entrepreneurship

As a sex worker at My Red Light you can gain more experience by acting as administrator, manager, board member or as a member of the supervisory board.

Not for profit

If profit is generated through renting out the rooms, it will be used to invest in initiatives for the improvement of sex workers' social status.


We will be organizing interesting workshops to help sex workers learn more about their profession, their health and their rights.