Within My Red Light, there is a lot of expertise about sex work: what the job entails, who the sex workers are, and how municipal and national policies influence sex workers. One of our goals as a foundation is to help people learn more about sex work. Therefore, you can hire us to give presentations, trainings, workshops or to organize discussion sessions, or to just ask us questions. We give presentations, trainings and workshops on general topics, such as "Who are the sex workers on the Wallen?" and "What does sex work look like in the Netherlands today?". But we also provide information on very specific topics, such as "What policies can a municipality best employ to engender a healthy, safe and transparent sex work sector?" or "What policies and practices by the municipality and the police are most helpful in preventing human trafficking in the sex work sector?". If you would like to hire us, you can contact us at the email address listed at the link below.