Your Red Light. The first non-profit brothel in Amsterdam!

Are you a sex worker looking to rent a window in the Red Light District? Do you have questions about how to keep your work fun and safe or are you interested in our workshops? My Red Light is a non-profit foundation; our main goal is to improve the well-being of sex workers. Please come by to talk with us about how we do this, all sex workers are welcome!! We also rent out 14 windows, both day and night, to sex workers who work as independent entrepeneurs. So if you would like to rent a window, you are especially welcome to visit. My Red Light is open all day except temporarily on Monday during the day.


If you are renting a window at My Red Light, you are always welcome to join us in our charming living room. Feel like talking about your day with like-minded people? Here you can have a cup of coffee with a colleague or join us during our events and workshops.


At My Red Light, women, men and trans people are welcome to rent a window. We are LGBTI+ friendly and proud of it!! Here, you will find a safe place to work. Your health and well-being is important to us, and we are focused on making sure that everyone is being treated with equal dignity.


It’s important to work in a safe and professional way. That is why My Red Light is organizing workshops on sexual techniques, practicing safe sex and other work-related topics. Our workshops are open for all sex workers, especially for people who’ve recently started doing sex work, but also for sex workers with more years of experience if they want. Also sex workers who work somewhere than at My Red Light are welcome!


My Red Light regularly has office employee vacancies as well. Sex workers are encouraged to apply, if 2 people apply with a comparable skill set and experience, we give preference to people who are (ex) sex workers. Sex workers are already represented in all layers of our organization!

The advantages of renting with My Red Light

  • At My Red Light there is an extra emphasis on being a happy, healthy and safe sex worker.
  • Affordable rooms at 74euros per day (10h-18.45h, excluding sales tax) or 140euros for the evening shift (20.00h-04.45h, excluding sales tax). It is possible to rent a room permanently, so that you are sure you have a working space (with good possibilities for taking holidays). You can also rent flexibly and temporarily, if you prefer!
  • Do you want your clients to be able to find you more easily? My Red Light draws clients with its website and famous status as a non-profit brothel in Amsterdam!
  • When we start making a profit, we will decide together with you - our renters - what to do with that profit (because we are a non-profit foundation, all our employees work for a fixed salary, so any profits flow back to the sex workers!)

Where to find us

We are located on the Wallen in Amsterdam!

The sex worker in charge

My Red Light shows that sex workers are independent and confident people who work with pride

About My Red Light